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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This diet that isnít a diet isnít working out all that well. The food pyramid looked so easy and so enticing, but I think now that I couldnít see the green leafy vegetables for the bagels and tortillas and bran muffins. Plus, there just arenít enough portions of ice cream and apple pie allowed to suit me. Iím not sure being the perfect picture of health is worth all the deprivation.

I need cookies to be happy. They donít have to be Oreos or Chips Ahoy; Fig Newtons or coconut macaroons will do. I didnít realize how much this mattered until I went without the good things in life for a couple of months.

This doesnít mean Iím going to go back to slamming a whole bag of Layís Salt and Vinegar potato chips just to pass the time in the afternoon. Iíve actually developed a fondness for the four-bean salad Iíve been making, and I think between that and canned fruit cocktail and the occasional apple or banana (or plum), Iíve got the fruit and vegetable section of the pyramid covered.

But Iím going to back off on the hard line for a while. Iím not going to obsess over what I canít eat or what I must eat, at least not as much as Iíve been doing lately. The one thing Iíll use to keep me from slipping into a slough of decadence and debauchery is the same mantra Iíve been using since the pyramid was revealed to me: ďSmall portions.Ē

20 September 2005

Clouds sneaking out from behind the trees.

My other recent project, this deal I started a couple of days ago about leaving the TV off all day, hasnít been as difficult (mostly because I didnít watch TV much during the day in the first place). Itís been an effective way to keep me focused so that I get more work done, which in turn keeps me from feeling guilty during those times when Iím eating coconut macaroons instead of working.

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When Barry Bonds returned to the Giants with just 20 games left in the season, it was to a team that might have been tempted just to ride things out the rest of the way and think about next year. And even if they donít make the postseason, they can still look forward with a lot more hope than they would have had otherwise. As of todayís 5-1 win over the Nationals, the Giants have won five in a row and Bonds has homered in four straight games. But he wasnít even the story today. That would be Brad Hennessey, who pitched into the eighth inning giving up just three hits. And oh by the way, he also scored two runs, blasting a double and a home run of his own. The young pitchers on this team are an even more hopeful sign that the prospect of having their superstar slugger back for a whole season.

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