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Monday, September 20, 2004

Let's keep this short, in case what I have is contagious. I wouldn't want you to catch anything.

Actually, I think it's going to be okay. I don't think I have anything communicable at all. I spent most of the day, when I wasn't wincing and moaning, trying to decide how to describe how I felt. The word "horrible" isn't very descriptive, but it kept coming to mind.

When I was light-headed and dizzy straight out of bed this morning, I wasn't worried. Not at first, anyway, because that's almost the best I can hope to feel first thing in the morning. But then the achiness started, in my head and my back and my chest. My throat felt as if it had a tennis ball lodged in it. This wasn't good, especially since some kind of bug has been going around the family.

But I don't think I caught that bug. I think, instead, that something else caught up with me. Not sleeping, that caught up with me. And yesterday I had no appetite, so not eating (not usually a problem) probably contributed to the situation.

I've tried to keep a positive attitude about it. I'm not sick, just run down. (That's positive, isn't it?) I managed to keep working throughout most of the day, although I did have to lie down every once in a while. The aching has tapered off this evening, with the help of medication. I still don't feel like myself, but at least I no longer feel like an unwrapped mummy.

19 September 2004

Storm clouds moving east.

I told Tammy to stay away today, in case I was sick with something she couldn't afford to get. I now don't think that was necessary, but I'm glad I took the precaution. I plan to wake up tomorrow morning feeling perfectly fine, and to carry on as if I weren't sick at all. Because I'm not.

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Either I didn't do a very good job picking football teams this weekend, or the wrong teams just kept winning. I was 3-6 in the early games yesterday. That was too big a hold to dig my way out of, even though I was 7-0 the rest of the way. I blame mostly the Redskins, Titans, Packers, Chiefs and Broncos. They really should have done better, so I could have. (Picking the Texans was my own stupid fault.)

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