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Sunday, September 18, 2005

After another fallow Sunday, Iím thinking I should plant the seeds of a more productive week ahead. Maybe if I make promises here (promises to myself, because thereís no one else who cares), Iíll follow through. It has to be a real promise, though, and not just one of those half-hearted ďIíll do betterĒ generic expressions of nebulous intent.

The trouble is that when I start to come up with promises, it sounds like a list of new yearís resolutions. Eat better, exercise more, get more regular sleep. Letís face it. Iím not going to make any promises I know I canít keep. As long as thereís ice cream and my TV chair and caffeine, eating, exercising and sleeping are going to be at their mercy.

Every week I promise myself that Iíll clean up this messy house. I even put it on my to-do list, week after week, room by room. But I never get to cross any of those rooms off the list, because something always gets in the way. Just because itís on the list doesnít mean it gets done. Itís a long list, and I almost never work my way down to the bottom of it. Almost? Never.

Yard work? I seem to have given up on that two or three months ago. I really must get back to it one of these days, but no promises.

Hereís what I can promise myself: Iíll leave the TV off from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm every day. No, letís make it 5:00 pm, just so it hurts a little. This will help me with my biggest daily issue, time management. Sleep, diet, exercise — I can work around the problems I have with all of those. Staying focused at work has been a serious challenge lately. Letís see if eliminating one possible distraction helps.

The goal, of course, is to get so much work done during the week that I can sit around doing nothing again all next weekend.

16 September 2005

My house, from beneath the trees at the end of the driveway.

Obviously, I need to make a few exceptions to the blackout rule. Day baseball games. National emergencies. Very special episodes. Certain essential cooking shows. Oh, and I think NASCAR qualifying starts Friday morning. Wouldnít want to miss that. (And of course, the TV ban doesnít extend to radio, books, podcasts or live Internet feeds of Big Brother. We are nothing if not flexible.)

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A young pitcher from Taiwan made history today at SBC Park. Iím not sure why Dodger manager Jim Tracy wanted Hong-Chih Kuo, who had previously thrown one-third of an inning in the major leagues, giving up two walks and two runs, to pitch to Barry Bonds in the eighth inning of a one-run game. But Bonds measured a few pitches and then hit one over the wall, over the arcade, and into McCovey Cove for the insurance run that helped lift the Giants over the Dodger, 5-3. No less important in the end were Randy Winnís third-inning homer that gave the Giants their first run, and Mike Mathenyís shot in the sixth that gave them the lead.

By taking the series three games to one, the Giants have left the Dodgers two games behind them in the desperate race for a decent finish, while the Giants are now the one team with the best shot to catch the Padres for first. It might not happen, but the Giants will continue to play meaningful games until theyíre eliminated, and at this point itís all a fan can ask.

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