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Saturday, September 18, 2004

I have this idea of the essence of Saturday embedded somewhere in my head. It seems the further I stray from that idea, the more I enjoy the day. I always think I'm going to get some work done, and I never quite get around to it.

That was the plan again when today started. I barely made a dent in this week's to-do list, so I knew exactly what I needed to do. I wasn't even going to shave, until I thought I might have a chance to see Aiden today. No reason to scare the baby, is there?

Anyway, David and I spent most of the afternoon hanging out at his house, watching the game (and the baby). I didn't get the check record or cost reports done, or the bank statement reconciled. I'm one day further behind on my filing. But I don't care, because this is what a Saturday should be, no matter what ideal image I have in my mind.

14 September 2004

Paving stones.

Saturday is almost always the best day of the week, no matter how I spend it. If I actually did what I set out to do on a Saturday, it couldn't be any more satisfying than playing it by ear and taking advantage of the current to drift in a different direction.

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There's one team the Giants' best pitcher has had trouble with all season, but it looked for a while today as if Jason Schmidt had broken the Padre curse. He'd been given an early lead thanks to a Barry Bonds home run (number 701), and he'd given up just one run through six innings. But Jay Payton tagged him for a three-run shot in the seventh, and the Padres went on to win, 5-1.

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