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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

You know that little cough I didnít complain about yesterday? It turned into a big deal overnight. Every twenty minutes, just as I was falling asleep, Iíd get wracked by a coughing spell and then Iíd have to try to wind down again. Itís a miserable way to spend eight hours, but by early morning I had found a position that aggravated the cough a little less. Unfortunately, it was face down into the pillow, and I couldnít breathe when I did it.

I was hoping to feel better today, but mostly I just didnít. Mostly I felt lousy. I choose to call it a cold, for a couple of reasons. First, so I donít have to call the doctor, because thereís nothing the doctor can do for a cold. And second, I think itís prudent to be extra cautious about being around babies. If I have a cold, even if itís not a real one, I wonít be tempted to expose anyone to possible nasty germs. Because Iíd feel awful if anyone else felt as awful as I feel because of something I did.

The only time I didnít cough was while I was eating chicken noodle soup tonight. Sadly, it was the worst chicken noodle soup Iíve ever had, but the therapeutic effects still worked despite the rancid taste. I had to check the label, and sure enough, it was something called ďHealthy Request.Ē I donít know if it made me any healthier, but Iíd like to request a little flavor.

13 September 2005

A little color in my dying "garden."

Iíve been sucking on Ricola drops for two days, so I have to get to the pharmacy tomorrow (or at least the grocery store; thereís nothing on my side of the freeway, so Iíll have to drive in my weakened condition). Iím going to pick up one of every cold medicine they have, and then take them all at once. Anything to avoid the doctor.

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In the first inning tonight, Barry Bonds was called out on a third strike that was a foot off the plate (thanks, blind umpire). In the third, he walked on four pitches (thanks, cowardly pitcher). In the fifth, in a 3-3 game, he hit a bullet up the middle for a single that was part of a scoring rally. In the seventh, another walk leads to a pinch runner, who later in the inning scores another run. Itís been a year since the last time, but I can remember countless times last season when walking Bonds backfired. Heís 41 years old, heís still trying to find his batting eye, and heís had three knee operations since January. Pitch to the man! The Giants went on to beat the Padres, 5-4, and now theyíre back to within five games of first place. Believe it or not, itís not too late.

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