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Monday, September 12, 2005

It was a Monday, but I didnít hate it. Nothing much happened to make me love it. All I did was work all day, but maybe thatís why I didnít hate it. I havenít had a day when everything went pretty much the way it was supposed to for a long time.

The best part is that I donít have anything to complain about. Thatís good, because when it comes down to it, I really donít have anything to complain about. I mean, compared to the rest of the world. I kind of wish my allergies werenít battering me so unmercifully, and I got a little pushed out of shape by the fact that todayís power outage in L.A. kicked my web site off line for a few hours, but other than that, and the fact that I had to negotiate no less than three traffic detours on my way to and from the bank this morning, I really have nothing to complain about.

Which is why Iím not complaining. Iím just saying.

13 August 2005


Iím not saying people have to be in truly dire straits to have the right to complain. Anything that affects your life in a negative manner is worth a little moaniní the blues now and then. But me, today? I laugh at my own misfortune. I have allergies? I can take a pill. Thereís a detour? I can afford the three-dollar gas. And the power did come back on in L.A., and I didnít have to drive anywhere near that mess. I have it so much better Iíd be almost ashamed to complain about anything. Almost.

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There was a lot of excitement at the ball park tonight. Maybe it was too much for the Giantsí starting pitcher, who couldnít get the ball over the plate and was gone after a third of an inning and three runs. But the bullpen held the Padres scoreless for the next eight and two-thirds, and a 41-year-old gimpy-kneed left fielder who had not swung a bat in a real game since last September came up in the third inning and showed why heís the best player in baseball. After a ten-pitch battle with Adam Eaton, Barry Bonds hit a towering drive that nearly cleared the centerfield fence. His double woke up the Giantsí sleeping bats, and the 4-3 win was the most important of the season, for more than one reason. The biggest reason (to me, anyway): This team is fun to watch again. Very few players can make a crowd roar just by hitting a foul ball. And oh, by the way, I told you this would happen. Stupid pundits.

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