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Monday, September 13, 2004

It was a different kind of nap that I took this afternoon, deeper and less in tune with my surroundings. Normally I can sit in my chair and slip away but still be aware of the birds in the garden, the traffic on Llano Road, and the fax machine beeping and sputtering. Today, for whatever reason, I was totally out of it.

That was between four and five this afternoon. I don't know how I lasted that long. The rest of the day I was sleep walking, I guess. I'm just glad the phone didn't ring during that hour, because I'm not sure I would have heard it. Maybe it did and I didn't. How would I know?

There's no doubt I needed the extra rest. My sleeping habits have never been good, and lately they've been worse. If I ever decide to cut back on daily journal posting, that will be the reason. I'm thinking Sunday is a bad day, because I stay up too late Sunday night trying to think of something to say about a day when nothing happens. Then that, by way of the trickle-down theory, makes Monday a little worse.

30 August 2004

Aiden, sleeping like a baby.

I still have no definite plans to cut back. But don't be surprised to see an occasional place-holder type entry. Like this one, for example.

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The Florida Marlins and the Montreal Expos played a game today in— Chicago, of all places. The game was forced out of Miami by Hurricane Ivan, and it probably drew more fans than it would have in Montreal. The real reason for the compromise in scheduling is that the Marlins have had so many games lost to bad weather that they're going to be greatly handicapped by playing several double headers over the next two weeks. A game at a neutral site was better than forcing Marlins pitchers to throw that many innings in so few days.

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"We know a little more now about the capacity of humanity to create evil, but we also know more about our ability to survive, and our power to do great and wonderful things, when circumstances dictate."

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