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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

After nine months of pregnancy and a day and a half of labor, you’d think Tammy would have earned a break. All she wanted to do today was bring her baby home, but it took the hospital all day to get their paperwork in order. It was time to start getting into a new routine, and it was time for Kylie to get used to her new home.

She liked her old home so well she tried to stay there longer than absolutely necessary. This new one has brighter lights and a whole lot more noise. It has three big brothers who have to get used to her more than she has to get used to them, at least at first. And she has an extended family who will try to walk a fine line between doting and hovering.

I just “happened” to be there when David and Tammy brought Kylie home this afternoon. I used better judgment than usual and didn’t stay long, but I got to see Dakota meet his sister for the first time. He was thoroughly unimpressed, until his mom picked up the baby. That got his attention.

And now, at last, Aiden has something tangible to go with the hazy concept “Kylie” that we’ve been introducing him to almost since he was that size himself. He has been saying her name quite clearly for some time, but now he faces the reality of the situation. He can point to her instead of to the bassinet or his mama’s tummy. It didn’t take him long. Before I left he was pointing at the baby and saying “Kylie” while looking around for approval and grinning in that ingratiating way he has.

7 September 2005

Tammy and Kylie at home.

Those are some really long toes on that child. She gets that from her father, by the way.

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The Giants headed into the seventh inning tonight three runs down and looking helpless. They’d scored two runs in the top of the first and hadn’t been able to do anything since. But a four-run rally in the seventh gave them the lead, and the were up by two runs going to the bottom of the ninth. It’s a demoralizing kind of loss, especially when you factor in the loss of starter Jason Schmidt to injury halfway through the game. The Dodgers kept fighting and wouldn’t let the Giants get that last out, and they won the game, 9-8.

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