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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

We donít know what kind of person Kylie will turn out to be. She could be a doctor or a lawyer, or a president or a rock star. Maybe sheíll be a cabinet maker like her grandpa, or a teacher like her grandma. One thing we can probably count on is that sheíll be a strong-willed, confident woman like her mama. And she has a great chance to have the big heart and agile mind of her daddy. Time will tell us who Kylie really is, but she already has the strongest foundation a child could need.

Kylie Elizabeth entered the world at 3:07 pm this afternoon, weighing 7 pounds, 4 ounces, and measuring 19 inches long. She has long fingers, long toes, and lots of curly black hair. Sheís been fighting her way out for so long that it almost seemed she changed her mind at the last minute, but with a little extra help she made it. The one thing we know about her so far is that she came to us with a big appetite. She made sure Tammy knew about that particular interest of hers.

As always, this birth was a family affair. At various times we were all at the hospital, hanging out and waiting while Tammy was inside doing all the work. Itís not as if we could help, but maybe the moral support did her some good. Anyway, she knew Aiden was well attended, because we let him entertain us on the outdoor patio just outside the maternity wing (and right next to the heliport).

Aiden might not have been aware that he was about to become a big brother, but heís quick and intuitive, so we know it wonít be long before he welcomes his sister into the family just as the rest of us did today. D.J. did get to meet Kylie, within minutes after her birth, and he pronounced her ďvery cute.Ē He doesnít really know all heís in for either, Iím afraid. Remember, this is the first girl born into our side of the family in fifty years.

6 September 2005

Kylie, about 15 minutes old.

I got to hang out with David for a little while this evening. (Thatís amazing, considering all the responsibilities he has and all the directions he has to go in and all the kids he has to put to bed.) He is, as you would expect, a proud and loving father. The hardest part about today for him might have been that he didnít have as much time for Aiden as he usually does. If you didnít know him, you might say heís spread pretty thin. But he can handle it.

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The Giants had a chance to move to within four games of first place tonight, but instead they found out that the Dodgers still have some life left in them. Even though they led by a thin margin most of the game, the Dodger hitters fought their way back into it in the late innings and ended the Giantsí six-game winning streak with a 4-2 win on Jeff Kentís two-run homer in the bottom of the tenth. Former Giants drove in all the Dodger runs (Kent three and Jose Cruz Jr. two). Once again, Giant pitching was good enough to win, but the hitters couldnít help them out enough. Thereís no such thing as a bad Giant-Dodger game, but sometimes they have bad endings.

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