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Monday, September 5, 2005

We didnít have a baby today, but itís probably just as well, since Tammyís not in labor yet. No contractions, but thereís a lot of pain, so sheís in the hospital tonight. A call could come at any time, but first they will do tests and make sure sheís ready. Iíll be surprised if they send her home without Kylie in her arms, but I think weíre a day or so away from her actual arrival.

On the other hand, what do I know? Only what Iím told, and Iím interpreting the signals. I do know that Suzanne is spending the night with Aiden at Tammy and Davidís, because they expect to be in the hospital all night. And I know that once the doctors and nurses start whatever procedures they have in mind, things could progress very rapidly. And I also know that everyone is very optimistic. So there you go.

Meanwhile, Aiden was his usual charming self today. I visited for about an hour this afternoon, to say goodbye to life as we know it, I guess. Aiden doesnít know how drastically things are about to change, but heís very adaptable. He will now be one of three big brothers, but heíll always be the youngest boy.

Today he was very tired but not ready to sleep. That pretty much describes the whole family, but for a baby, Aiden controls his emotions pretty well. He knows that if heís cute enough, no one will force him to go to bed. So he was doing all kinds of tricks, and anything that would get a laugh he would repeat until it wasnít funny any more. He stumbled face-first into the carpet and enjoyed it so much he raised his arms above his head and dived to the ground again.

When he was ready to slow down, he wasnít sure where he wanted to be. He sat with his daddy in the chair, then lay with him on the rug. Then he crawled up onto his mamaís belly and cuddled with her. I even got a turn, which is a gift he hasnít given me before. He came to me and put his arms up to be picked up. He sat in my lap quietly for about thirty seconds and then pointed to his blanket on the ottoman.

I handed it to him and he shook his head no and pointed to the other blanket, the one on the floor. So I put him down and told him to get it. He picked it up and came right back to cuddle with me again. It lasted a few minutes this time, but not long enough for him to go to sleep.

Still, it was nice to know that heíll sit in my lap and let me rock him back and forth. I havenít done that with him since he was a tiny baby. Now that heís a big boy of fifteen months, I wasnít sure I could ever expect such a blessing again, so today was special to me. Even if it didnít turn out to be the day the family expanded.

5 September 2005

Aiden and Tammy, on his last day as her youngest.

Iím a little on edge tonight, a little uneasy. A little crazed. I donít know if Iím going to get a phone call in the middle of the night, or if I wonít hear anything from anyone until midday tomorrow. Iím going to try to treat tomorrow as a normal work day, until I find out for sure that itís that Very Special Day.

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Itís not as if the Giants have any pressure on them to make the playoffs, or very high expectations if they do make it into the postseason, but itís always good to beat the Dodgers, especially when it gets you to within five games of first place with a month of the season to go. And they did it with pitching and defense, the two keys to success in major league baseball. The Giants turned five double plays in the game, but it was Moises Alouís game-saving running catch of a stinging line drive by Jeff Kent in the sixth that kept them in the game. And Brad Hennessey, another of their young pitchers, was every bit the match for the veteran Derek Lowe. Plus, and you canít tell me this isnít a big boost for the team, Barry Bonds took batting practice today and looked almost ready to come back. His bat in the lineup (or, more likely, off the bench) could be the one ingredient that saves this season.

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