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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Autumn arrives this week, but it got an early start in the North Bay, with wind and rain and the scent of winter in the air today. It rained so hard that my dish lost the signal from the satellite for several minutes. Because this was the first real rain since spring, the ground soaked it up and dried out right away. But the feeling that winter is coming, that didn't evaporate quite so quickly.

So I hunkered down and got into hibernation mode, the way I do in November. I think this sensation will go away, because I believe in my heart that there will be more warm days. But my head can't quite wrap itself around that idea when the storm clouds are moving slowly across the sky. My eyes feel as heavy as the air. Energy and motivation are hard to find.

All I wanted to do was nothing, and I only wanted to do that as long as I didn't have to leave my chair to do it.

19 September 2004

Winter clouds in late summer.

It's not as if I had big plans today anyway, so not much is lost. I'm looking at last week's to-do list, with half of the items not crossed off. Too bad. I didn't neglect anything that wouldn't keep (because I have no choice, really). I'll just make this coming week's to-do list and start at the top again.

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Kirk Rueter left today's game after seven shutout innings with a 2-0 lead. Two batters later, the score was tied, but the Giants won it on J.T. Snow's two-run double in the bottom of the eighth, beating the Padres, 4-2.

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