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Thursday, September 19, 2002

This late in the work week, I can either get fresh momentum as we drive toward the weekend, or I can start wilting like yesterday's lettuce. A little nap during the day can ward off the worst of it, but I don't get many chances lately. The Company is so horrendously busy that the phone is an even bigger nuisance than usual.

Not that I'm complaining about all the business. I just look back fondly on the days when I had more time to myself during the day. I guess that's selfish, because most people get up and go to work in an office or a factory or a field or somewhere else that forces them to stay awake at least until they go home, no matter how sleepy they get.

When it's put that way, it makes me envious of ... well, myself, actually, if that's possible.

I did drift off for a few minutes this afternoon, just long enough to be totally incoherent when the phone rang. "Hello? I mean—" But it was just one of those calls, where they ask for the Boss by name and I give them the same speech. "He's at another number. I can give you his number if you'd like." With all the times I've given out his number, I wonder that I still get these calls. Or that he has time to do anything but answer the phone either.

The little bit of sleep I got wasn't quite enough to push me all the way on to Saturday. It helped some, but the return of Survivor tonight helped even more. It's something to talk about around the water cooler tomorrow. (I do have a water cooler, just no one to talk to but myself.)

When I was in high school, I didn't have to ask anyone, "Did you see Star Trek last night?" Everyone I hung out with (all three of them) had seen it, and I knew it. Likewise Mission: Impossible, Lost in Space and Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Not Girl From U.N.C.L.E., though. I was the only one who watched that.)

And let's not talk about Love On a Rooftop.

I'm just saying that a lot of people watch Survivor. That's all I'm saying. And because they do, it's something to talk about, when conversation about the sinking Dow and Bush-Saddam II dries up. You don't have to look too hard to find someone who watches it, and everyone who watches it has an opinion (unlike other topics, like the sinking Dow and Bush-Saddam II).

So let's see. Where was I? This entry seems to be going nowhere. I mentioned a nap, and Survivor. I'd mention Big Brother, but I already exchange private email about that with the only two other people in the world who even care.

Oh! The mail. I can always talk about the mail, especially on a day when I get no less than three DVDs from Netflix. Three in one day! Panic Room, Kissing Jessica Stein and 40 Days and 40 Nights. Robyn's warning came too late for that last one, so I'll just have to waste the 94 minutes. If anybody has 94 minutes to waste, it's me. (I did, however, on her recommendation, move Frailty to the top of my rental queue.)


The eucalyptus grove at sunset.

I also got two phone bills and a utility bill in today's mail, but they didn't do quite as much to lighten my mood. I haven't opened them yet, so they haven't dampened my spirits either.

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