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Thursday, October 12, 2006

After all these years working with Tim, Iíve learned to let most of the things he says kind of float around in the air and disappear in the wind. If I let them stick to me, they tend to weigh me down. Iím not completely immune to his ability to blot out the sun, though, and it showed today.

The company is doing well. Itís not just that we have a lot of work going on, which is always a good thing for a construction firm, but weíve also managed to keep more money in the company bank account at one time than weíve ever had before. Iíve managed to pay off all the credit lines and still keep us on solid ground.

That apparently isnít good enough for Tim. He phoned today and asked how much we had in the account. I told him, and it was a huge number that is so far beyond the norm that it boggles the mind. Somehow in his head he had calculated that it should be about twice that much. He had asked the same question last week, and he knew how much we had coming in.

What he didnít take into account was that Iíve been paying bills. The only reason a general contractor can collect that much money is so that it can pay subcontractors and suppliers. There isnít usually much left after I do that, and yet, as I mentioned, a mind boggling sum is still in the account. And yet somehow itís not enough to suit Tim.

The reason he wants the account full to overflowing is that he thinks he might have to borrow a large sum as a short-term loan. Heís been involved in a lawsuit for the last three years, and heís invested a considerable amount of his own money. Now the suit is coming to a head, and he thinks he should be able to tap the company coffers to get him over the hump.

Hereís the kicker. The Boss knows nothing about this. Tim hasnít told him that he might want the money; he simply wants the money to be there if he needs it.

I told Tim that I donít pay bills just for the fun of spending money, and I only pay bills that are due. Beyond that I couldnít promise him anything. He instructed me (not that this is his job, but he does like to throw orders around) to let him know if the Boss told me to pay any large bills.

Well, if the Boss tells me to do something, I generally do it. I told Tim that if this situation came up, he would have to talk to the Boss and tell him whatís going on. In the meantime, Iím in the middle. Iím not supposed to be saying anything about the lawsuit or the possible loan, and yet Iím supposed to keep enough money in the account to fund Timís problem. I sort of hate it.

5 October 2006

Cloud bonfire.

I could have let this conversation with Tim ruin my whole day. It did affect me, but it didnít keep me from doing my job. I paid bills today, maybe even a few I technically didnít have to pay. Tim isnít entitled to company money by any right other than being the son of the Boss, and to be honest, Iím not sure the Boss would be eager to make this kind of a loan anyway. I would kind of like to be an invisible speck in the room when Tim asks for it. That could make all this anguish worthwhile.

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The Mets lost two of their best starting pitchers before the postseason even got started, but they handed the ball to veteran Tom Glavine, who has been in the situation so many times as a member of the Braves, and he came through with seven shutout innings before handing the ball off to the strong Mets bullpen. The silence from the Cardinalsí bats was deafening, as they wasted an impressive start by Jeff Weaver in the Metsí 2-0 win in game one of the NLCS. The Cardinals will be having those Carlos Beltran nightmares again tonight. Beltran wore Cardinals pitching out in the playoffs two years ago, and his two-run homer tonight accounted for all the runs in the game.

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