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Thursday, October 2, 2003

When David was a baby, one of my favorite things was to walk the floor with him when he was tired and cranky. It was a pleasure to have him fall asleep in my arms. He was comfortable with me, and I was totally devoted to him. There wasn't anything I wouldn't do for him.

After he got a little older I would sometimes take him to baseball games. We always had a good time together, and I was never bored with him sitting in the seat beside me, or on my lap. He kept me entertained as much as the game did. But I felt most honored as we made the long drive home, and he trusted me enough to fall asleep in the seat next to me.

Now it's a package deal. I'd still do anything for him, and that includes the rest of his sudden and wonderful family. It gives me great joy to see him so happy with Tammy, D.J. and Dakota. They won't "officially" be a family, in the "legal" sense, until the wedding in January, but that's just a formality. They're as close as any family could be, regardless of how short a time they've been together.

And next summer the family will add another member. (At least one more, because there's always the possibility of twins.) Tammy and David are going to be parents. Again, and for the first time. We will have the privilege of seeing another well-loved child come into the world, and hopefully I'll have the pleasure of walking around with a sleepy baby on my shoulder once again.

Everyone is still getting used to the idea, but those of us who know the new parents are rapturously happy for them. The two little boys they already have are lucky to be so well cared for, and we're lucky to have them to care for. The new baby will be joining a devoted family, and he or she (or they) will be lucky, too. Funny how things work out, and good things come to people who deserve them.

2 October 2003

Herringbone sky.

I should say, for the record, that I also walked Eric around and took him to ball games when he was little. Plus, he and I used to stack wooden blocks high on the coffee table when he was two, and then when the stack fell we'd laugh and laugh. Both of us. Then we'd start building them up again. I plan to be shopping for a set of wooden blocks again soon.

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I'm pretty good at keeping secrets, and I could have kept this one for a whole month. That was the original plan, but plans are funny. They don't always work out the way you, uh, plan. After a secret gets shared a few times, it becomes less a secret and more common knowledge. Before long it'll be a simple fact of life that we all take for granted, but right now it's still the most exciting news I can imagine.

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