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Thursday, October 20, 2005

By the time I left for dinner at Tammy and Davidís house tonight, I wasnít sure theyíd even want my company. I was kind of a mess, after a day of picking up the jagged pieces. I would have given them an opening to opt out, but I was selfish. I needed a little dose of something different, with a dash of magic thrown in.

Little did I know the chaos I was stepping into. They were in worse shape than I was, and while that didnít make me feel any better, it took a little of the edge off. Nothing I could complain about could compare with tired, fussy babies. And while I had a near-miss in my car yesterday, David actually got rear-ended at a stoplight tonight.

Heís okay, except for the aches and pains where his chest banged into the steering wheel. He was a little stunned by the fact that the woman who slammed into him tried to make it out to be his fault. That wouldnít have washed anyway, but it was an especially weak argument in light of the fact that there was an off-duty highway patrolman there who saw everything. David didnít have to defend himself, because there wasnít going to be any way to blame him.

20 October 2005

Aiden, with something in his mouth (surprise).

So I took it upon myself to forget my own troubles and lighten the evening as much as possible. Thatís not hard for me, because my own mood is lifted whenever Iím around them. I let D.J. go on and on about the Power Rangers, and I let Aiden feed me soggy croutons. It might not have been anybody elseís idea of excitement, but it did the job for me.

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A large percentage of voters are undecided about Californiaís Proposition 77, which would take congressional redistricting out of the hands of the legislature and give it to a panel of judges. Thereís no question in my mind that this is a step away from representative government and a step toward oligarchy. State legislators have to stand for reelection every two or four years, while retired judges answer to no one. We elect our representatives to do exactly this kind of job, making decisions on our behalf. I donít want to hand over something this important to people who are out of the electoral loop. Itís so wrong, and Iím glad that my esteemed congressional representative, Lynn Woolsey, agrees.

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"Itís another example of the ridiculously porous initiative process that clogs every California ballot with ideas that should be debated and rejected in our legislature."

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