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Monday, October 11, 2004

Sadly, I will not be playing air guitar again any time soon.

There are some activities that are just too painful to do with my right hand since my latest injury, and theyíre not the obvious ones. (Well, some of them probably are the obvious ones, but Iím not going that way here.)

For example, Iím having a hard time using the stapler. The act of squeezing is one of the most difficult things I tried to do today. I know I can put the paper in position and pound the stapler with my fist, but thatís not how Iím used to doing it. Iím used to having the paper in one hand and the stapler in the other and flexing my hand. But the hand is not cooperating.

Tying my shoes is a double-barreled trauma just now. In fact, itís not really the act itself that hurts, but an auxiliary motion. When I pull the laces tight, I can feel it in my hand. I mean, I can really feel it, through my fingers and wrist and halfway up my arm. I hadnít thought of that possibility until the moment I tried it. Then, immediately, ow. Pain.

A fly was buzzing around my head this afternoon, and I made the mistake of slapping at it with my right hand. The fly wasnít the one who was hurting after I did that. I picked up the swatter and repeatedly inflicted more damage on myself than on the pest. Itís still alive. So am I, barely. It was a difficult day to get through.

09 October 2004

It wasn't the giraffes that bothered Aiden. It was the sun in his eyes.
(This was the last time we tortured him this way.)

Iíve pretty much mastered using the TiVo remote with my left hand. Iím not as quick as I am with the right, but Iíll gladly sacrifice a little speed. Itís not pushing the buttons that bothers me as much as reaching for the remote. It must be something about the shape that makes it hard to pick up when all the nerves in your hand feel as if theyíre exposed.

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Itís a good thing Iím not taking that sign language class right now. (Itís a good thing Iím not deaf, come to think of it.) Some of the letters in the ASL alphabet are excruciating. Some just hurt a little, like E (the nearly-closed fist), S (the all-the-way closed fist), and J (the semicircular motion). P is the worst (although oddly K, with the same hand formation but a different orientation, hardly hurts at all). I donít much care for Z, either.

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