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Friday, November 13, 2009

One thing Iíve learned over the time Iíve been on the new eating plan is that caffeine doesnít keep me awake. Thatís because I gave it up almost completely for several months, and yet I still couldnít sleep at night. Eventually I convinced myself that since a cup of coffee or two a day wasnít the reason for my insomnia, I might as well enjoy one of the pleasures that actually had what I considered a beneficial effect.

Because, you see, while a little coffee during the day didnít keep me awake at night, it did help keep me awake and alert during the day, when I really needed to be awake and alert. This might sound like a grand rationalization to you (because it sort of does to me), but I started finding it hard to deny myself a little comfort and joy now and again. I donít abuse the drug, but I donít refuse it. Life overall has been a skosh more cheery since I gave up absolute abstinence.

8 November 2009

Caffeine is not encouraged under the plan, but itís not forbidden, either. Itís one of those elements, like fat and salt (and alcohol), that are allowed in moderation, and I try not to cross any of those lines. The success of my approach with regard to my semi-daily cuppa is proven by the fact that Iím not sleeping any worse than when I gave it up altogether.

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