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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Iíll probably never call you on the phone, but that doesnít mean I wouldnít like to talk to you. (Not that Iím going to publish my number, or anything like that.) Itís not that I hate talking on the phone, but I get a little chill up my spine whenever I have to make a call. Someone says ďhello,Ē and I freeze.

Nevertheless, I do spend a lot of time on the phone. If itís business, I try to get through it as fast as possible. If itís a personal call, I sometimes try to find ways to make it last longer. After all, I live alone and spend most of my waking hours talking to no one but myself. Iím happy to hear another human voice. I donít even have to be part of the conversation, if someone wants to talk; listening works just fine for me.

Lately, though, Iíve been having to cut people off. The static in my line doesnít usually bother me when I first pick up the phone, but it gets louder and more insistent the longer the call goes on. After a few minutes Iím having to strain to hear what someone is saying. After a few more minutes I have to admit that Iím not hearing enough to make the call worthwhile.

I hate to tell people to hang up, but itís seriously depressing to be holding onto a telephone receiver, listening to noise and knowing that thereís a voice in there somewhere of a person whoís trying to communicate with me. It makes me a little sad just thinking about it.

2 November 2005

Cloud slope.

Supposedly the phone company will have the problem fixed some time tomorrow. They like you to report phone troubles on line, so I did that and got an email back to let me know that ďserviceĒ would be ďrestoredĒ by 8 pm Monday. Letís hope thatís true, and that itís just a matter of tightening a wire somewhere on the grid. In case their repair person has to come into my house, though, I did some dusting and vacuuming today. Only in the three or four square feet around the phone jack, but still. Itís more cleaning than Iíve done in weeks.

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Itís the human drama that draws me to NASCAR. I know nothing about cars or engines, but I do appreciate symmetry. Last yearís Nextel Cup champion, Kurt Busch, was suspended today by his owner, Roush Racing, for a reckless driving incident Friday night in Phoenix. Despite the fact that he was in the top ten in the points standing, he wonít be in the final two races of the season. And now for the symmetry. This was going to be his last year at Roush anyway; next year he moves to Penske, where heíll be driving the number 2 car currently helmed by the retiring icon of NASCAR, Rusty Wallace. Buschís number 97 car in todayís race was driven by Rustyís brother, Kenny Wallace. And the race was won by Kurt Buschís brother, Kyle Busch, who drives for Roushís biggest rival, Hendrick Motorsports. Kyle Busch is a rookie in the sportís top series, and this was only his second win, but an emotional one that neither brother is likely to forget.

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