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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some people know that what they know is the truth. They have no doubts, and they donít think much of people who donít know the truth. Itís a simple black and white matter, both in terms of what the truth is, and whether others are right or wrong. If someone knows the truth, theyíre right. If not, theyíre wrong.

Thereís a second camp of people, who believe they know what the truth is but allow for the perceptions of others to see a different version of the truth. These people believe just as strongly in the truth as those in the first camp; itís just that they try to see shades of gray that make it possible to believe in a different version. Even beyond that, people in this camp make a conscious effort to see from the point of view of those they donít agree with, trying to figure out why their truth is different.

Itís easy for people in the first camp to come to a consensus, because they all agree with each other anyway. They use the same language and the same grammar and filter every new concept through the truth they already know, in order to decide whether to accept or reject it. For people in the second camp, itís a little more lonely up in the tower, although it might be a lot more congenial down on the ground, where people actually live.

8 November 2009

Buzzards circling.

Obviously, a person canít live in both camps at the same time. Or maybe itís not obvious. Maybe even saying the word puts me in camp one, where I donít think Iím very comfortable. On the other hand, saying ďon the other handĒ obviously (?) puts me on camp two, where I think Iíd like to be, even if itís the land where nothing much ever gets accomplished. At least we know weíre not doing the wrong thing. Those other people, the ones who always think theyíre doing the right thing? Well, we think theyíre wrong at least half the time (actually more, if you want the truth), which makes us feel better already.

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