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Friday, November 12, 2004

This has been a week of transition, and itís reached the point of no return. The Boss is moving into The Kennel. That means that for the first time in fifteen years, heíll be set up with a permanent location (and a new phone number) in the same state Iím working in (that would be California). Heís packing up his office in Nevada this weekend, and by Monday heíll have cut the distance between us in half.

I donít want to make too much of this new proximity, because for several weeks earlier this year he was working seven miles away from me, and I only saw him three or four times. But thereís a symbolic change in how Iím thinking about the company now. It makes all this kennel business more real to me, for one thing. Since his presence is represented in my office by the fax machine, not much will really change.

But Iíll be doing our first kennel payroll on Monday, and on the first of next month Iíll start making payments on loans and leases that are so long-term that Iím sure someone else will have to take over long before I ever have a chance to pay them off. I think thatís the most striking part of it for me. Weíre committed. Weíre in it for the long haul, and thereís no turning back.

I think Iíve run out of lame clichťs. Sorry.

Tim is more excited than any of us. Heís the youngest and has been pushing for this kind of expansion into new arenas for a long time. Now that itís coming true, heís practically giddy. I canít even believe the change in him. He phoned me today just to talk about it (and to ask me if I wanted a Costco card with the kennelís name on it).

He wants so much for everything to go well that he keeps insisting that I ask him every question and share with him every concern I can think of. With all of this ďsupport,Ē Iím running out of things to worry about. For me, thatís a huge step.

4 November 2004

Cloudy sky.

Anyway, Iím really glad thereís a weekend coming up. Even though everything is fresh and exciting, Iím more than a little exhausted, and I can use a bit of a break. Not that thatís not true every weekend, but this time it seems more urgent. Iíve been immersed in so many new phases to my job that it almost feels as if I havenít taken a breath for a week. Itís time to exhale, I think.

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I couldnít decide whether to talk about Ashcroftís claim that judges who uphold war prisonersí rights under the Geneva Conventions are undermining national security, or the Scott Peterson conviction. I think Iíll wait until tomorrow morning and see which one gets the bigger headline in the paper.

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