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Monday, November 17, 2008

All the profound thoughts swirling around in my head for the last week or so havenít managed to find their way through my flying fingers and onto the keyboard. And now all those thoughts are gone, submerged beneath the nagging pain in my neck, shoulder and upper back. It makes it hard to think about anything else, but Iím not much inclined to try very hard anyway. Iíll deal with the rest of the world after Iíve dealt with the pain.

Itís the kind of pain that could easily have been caused by sitting too long at the computer, but it started Saturday, a day when I didnít even turn the machine on until late in the afternoon. But even if my job didnít cause it, thereís no question itís a source of continued aggravation, after an intense Monday during which I had to do an entire payroll run plus the billing statements for the Kennel. All of that work, because of the way our accounting is set up, is done individually, record by record. Nothing is automatic. Batch processing doesnít apply. Ow.

I did what I could for myself today. Fortunately, there are ways of sitting that diminish the pain somewhat. I took as long a break as I had time for, and I dosed myself with pain reliever and sat with ice on my neck. That seemed to help. It helped the pain, but it didnít get any of my work done, so I couldnít stay at it for long. There are other ways of compensating, as well. I moved my coffee cup to the right side of the recliner, and it made a big difference, taking pressure off the sore left shoulder.

Itís no fun driving when it hurts to turn your head around and look over your left shoulder. I made it to the post office and back, but thatís as far as I felt like going. I have to get to the bank and the supermarket tomorrow, though, no matter what. I havenít been there in almost two weeks, and Iím running out of (a) money and (2) food. Iím a little intimidated by the tiny parking lot, because you really have to be able to look over your shoulder to back out of a space. Iíll probably need more pills and ice when I get home.

12 November 2008

Streaky sky.

So why am I sitting here typing a journal entry instead of resting and applying ice? Well, maybe the pain isnít all that bad. Itís nothing I canít stand, but itís a nuisance, and it sucks the fun out of everything. Maybe you can tell.

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