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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Aiden might be not quite a year and a half old, but hes already a big brother. And hes a darn good one, too. Hell fight his older brothers over any toy in the house, but he treats his baby sister with a tenderness that I didnt know he had in him. Hes very loving and respectful. And I think he likes saying her name. Kylie. Kylie. Kylie. It just might be his favorite word.

17 November 2005

Aiden gives Kylie her bottle.

Not that his vocabulary is at all limited. He will happily repeat full sentences, and he loves long words. He saw a helicopter on television tonight, and he pointed and gleefully said helicopter every time it came on the screen. When it disappeared, he got off my lap and made a beeline for the buttons on the set, trying to find the one that would bring the helicopter back. When that didnt work, he checked behind the TV, just in case.

Hes been an adrenaline junkie since he was very small, and I think hes getting worse. He loves to be tossed around, and once you start youd better not stop. If no one will throw him over their shoulders or slam him down on the couch, hell take matters into his own hands. He loves spinning, and making himself dizzy, and then trying to walk and falling down. He doesnt seem to get tired of doing it, even after it starts making the spectators a bit nauseous.

Its a really funny trick. And I think he knows it. Besides being a daredevil, hes also a born clown. Hes a sideshow unto himself.

Hes a little obsessive about some things, too. When David dared to take his baseball cap off tonight, Aiden picked it up and handed it back to him, saying with great urgency and insistence, Hat on! What could David do? He put it back on.

17 November 2005

D.J. is expecting a visitor to leave something under his pillow tonight.

Somehow between last night at basketball practice and tonight when he wanted to play rock-paper-scissors for hours (and I was willing, until he started making up his own rules), D.J. has lost a front tooth. When I walked into the house tonight, he told me, I took my tooth out today, as if hed just been waiting for the right day. Im not sure a week before Thanksgiving is the time Id be wanting to take my teeth out, but hes only six and doesnt have that big an appetite.

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Okay, I dont really get this. Scott Eyre revitalized his career with the Giants and was a key member of their bullpen this season. He said he wanted to stay, but he also wanted to test the free agent market. What would tempt him to leave San Francisco? A three-year deal (the Giants offered two), and being closer to his home in Florida. So what does he do? He signs a two-year contract with the Cubs. Well, Chicago is a little closer to Florida, but really, I dont get it.

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