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Saturday, November 26, 2005

You can tell Iím not spending much time working in the yard these days (or even being in the yard), because the red-shouldered hawk that lives at the top of the eucalyptus at the end of the drive has been making itself quite at home. Itís still skittish, because it flies away at lightning speed every time I open the door (hence, no pictures).

But itís common for me to look out my window and see it swooping over the back yard, or perched in the walnut tree. Iíve also seen it resting on a fence post, surveying the scene. And Iím pretty sure it spends time on the peak of my roof, although all I have is the sound of mighty talons scratching around overhead. Itís not eyewitness evidence, but I think a case can be made.

I love watching these birds carving circles out of the sky or flapping madly to catch the current. But theyíre also very striking at rest, with their keen eyes missing nothing and their tail wings twitching nervously back and forth. Iíve even grown used to the screech of their call, although itís sort of at odds with their majestic bearing.

22 November 2005

Scattered clouds.

I have more direct evidence of the woodpecker that has been attacking the house beneath the dormer window. Thatís because whenever I hear it rat-a-tatting up there, I can see it fly off as soon as it knows Iím watching. Itís a Northern flicker, the only real woodpecker Iíve ever seen around here, and I know its markings well enough to identify it. Now if I can only figure out how to discourage it permanently.

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Itís funny that I havenít seen any of the turkeys lately. They tramp back and forth through my yard most of the year, but theyíve been awfully scarce lately.

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