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Friday, November 26, 2004

Itís very late. No, it isnít. Itís only 8:45 pm, but it seems so much later Ė maybe because Iíve been up since 5:00 am. Thatís pretty much a long enough day, even for a good one like this.

We were away from Santa Rosa by 6:00 am, and on the lake before 11:00 am. A lot of that time was driving, but not all of it. And we floated on the houseboat until dark, which got here about 4:30 pm.

Enough time check? It hasnít been a truly magnificent day, although the sun did peek through the clouds for a while this afternoon. But there was no rain or wind, and it didnít seem cold (just a bit chilled from time to time). And thereís the end of your weather report.

We really didnít do much except eat and watch the scenery go by as the houseboat worked its way across the lake. Shasta Lake is every bit as beautiful in late fall as it is in the summer. Itís maybe not quite as photogenic on a hazy day like this one, though.

Mostly itís relaxing to be out on the water. There arenít many other houseboats, at least no enough to get in the way. Itís so quiet it seems almost deserted, and I guess thatís what we needed this time. Thatís what I needed, anyway.

27 November 2004

Cove at Shasta Lake.

This is Momís first time on the new houseboat. She doesnít come in the summertime because of the hot weather, and the new boat was only launched in June. She had to wait until November to enjoy the comfort of a few days on the water, away from the demands of the world. I think she appreciates it as much as I do.

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We werenít the only ones up and about early today. We stopped for coffee on our way out of town this morning, and the parking lot at Target was already a jammed-up madhouse of cars and shoppers a little after 6 am. No bargains could have got me out of bed that early. Only family could do that.

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