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Friday, November 25, 2005

Iím a big fan of Christmas and all that, but my current financial condition has forced me to make some compromises this year. Not that thatís a bad thing. Iíve let myself get totally out of control for so many years that I donít know how not to spend too much money. Itís my favorite time of year because I get to give things to people that they probably wouldnít let me give them the rest of the time.

This year, though? Itís going to be a little sparse under the nonexistent tree in my undecorated house. For one thing, my credit cards are too close to their limits already. Besides, I feel a little dirty when I buy into the idea that commerce is more important than sentiment. There are things I would love to be able to give people. I just canít do it, so Iíll try to be more creative and thoughtful.

Failing that, Iíll just go ultra-low tech and hope nobody notices.

The adults on my list probably might not get exactly what Iíd really like to give them, but they will be remembered in some way. (And theyíll like it!) The children already get so much at one time that it overwhelms them (and us), so Iíll back off a bit and tone it down a level or two. One way to look at it: less to open on December 25, less to break (or lose) on December 26. Theyíll have to believe I love them without as much debris as usual to prove it.

3 November 2005

Angry clouds.

That said, I have to admit that I did some serious shopping today. You know I wasnít about to go out amongst the Black Friday hordes. Those early-bird sales are for people who like to shop (and who like to get up in the morning). What I did, I did on line, and you know what? Because I could shop around, Iíll bet I got at least as good a deal as I would have at one of the door-buster specials. And with a lot fewer bruises, too.

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I stayed in my cocoon all day, in fact, not even venturing out as far as the post office. Nobody expected me to be working today, which is usually a good sign that I can get some work done for a change. But I didnít. I donít know if I can keep up this pace all weekend, though.

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