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Sunday, November 20, 2005

What are the odds, I wonder, that a couple of crazy teenagers would get married, and 33 years later would find themselves still married? It happens, I can tell you that for sure. Today we celebrated John and Suzanneís thirty-third year together (itís the amethyst anniversary) with a brunch for family and friends. It was a low key couple of hours, which is how we like it.

In the early years of their marriage, they were known for their annual parties. Now, sitting around and talking is the quintessence of merrymaking. (Talking about grandchildren and colonoscopies, which I believe were hardly ever mentioned at the parties in the old days.)

There were about twenty of us. I didnít actually count, so this is an estimate based on the fact that we mostly filled both sides of the long banquet table (hidden away in the Red Room, with blinds pulled shut on all sides of us). Plus Aiden in his high chair (for as long as that lasted). Plus Kylie, in her bouncy chair on the table as a lovely and exotic centerpiece (sometimes sleeping, sometimes slyly eavesdropping on adult conversations).

The guests of honor enjoyed themselves, and the rest of us did, too. Of course, they havenít actually made it to 33 years yet, but the anniversary is Friday, so they have a good shot at it. They actually have a good shot at 34 (opal) and 35 (coral), and even 42 (real estate) and 44 (groceries). Iím looking forward to those brunches as well.

15 November 2005

November sky.

I have to confess that brunch isnít usually my thing. It just comes too early in the day for me to enjoy eating. I filled my plate once, and that was all I could manage at the horrifically early hour of ten oíclock on Sunday morning. Needless to say, I didnít do any of the planning. (If I had, youíre thinking, there wouldnít have been a celebration at all, and youíre probably right. Planning isnít my thing, either.) I took full advantage of the good company and warm feelings, however.

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Even though he didnít win any of the ten races in the Chase for the Nextel Cup and finished only fifteenth in todayís season finale, Tony Stewart is a worthy winner of this yearís top NASCAR prize. There was a time, from the middle of June through the middle of August, when he was almost unbeatable. And he was consistent, finishing in the top ten in 25 of the 36 races, including eight of ten in the Chase. Best of all, he gave us the one indelible memory of the 2005 season, his win at the Brickyard in August. He considers that track his home, and it was the first time heíd won there. The sight of him climbing the fence and saluting the fans is the signature moment of his championship run.

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