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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Itís not exactly Indian summer around here. Itís been warm and sunny in the daytime, but with a biting wind showing up in the middle of the afternoon. It puts a little urgency on enjoying the best part of the day, because it doesnít last very long (especially when you sleep as late as I do on the weekend).

This is what I needed, though, despite the wind. As hard as Iím working to put on a happy face, the uphill battle gets a little steeper if the sky is gray and the air is damp and heavy. We get enough days like that this time of year. Thatís what makes a day like this one such a gift.

For the short time I was out on my errands today, it did feel like May, which is a far cry from November. A May day in November is like a dose of natural antidepressant, if you know what I mean.

That wind is something I could do without. It carries with it all kinds of menacing promises. I did, in fact, lose power for a while this morning, and thereís always the chance that the lights will go out at a less convenient time (such as when itís dark out). It makes me a little edgy, and it also made me crank up the humidifier a notch.

4 November 2004

A cloudier day than today.

Saturday isnít ordinarily a day I expect to accomplish anything. While sleeping late and reading in the sun might seem wasteful to more driven contributors to society, to me itís a way to keep the hounds off my heels. Itís also a sort of a reward for surviving a difficult week. Another difficult week.

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Of the 16 games on tomorrowís NFL schedule, 13 were ridiculously easy to pick. The other three will probably be my downfall, but at least there are only three of them. Itís in those weeks when all the games are going to be close that thereís a big swing in pool points. Iím on top right now, and Iíd like to stay there until the big payoff at the end of the season. Iím a little worried about the Cardinals-Panthers, Jets-Browns and Rams-Bills. I picked the visitors in all three. Iíd like to get at least two of those right.

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