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Friday, November 18, 2005

I can tell itís been a successful day (work-wise, that is) if five oíclock comes and I suddenly find myself light-headed from hunger. Itís only when I work straight through and avoid distractions that I actually get anything done. Distractions, you know, like eating.

And thereís a side benefit. Actually, I have my choice of side benefits (just as I have my choice of dipping sauces, in other, more food-friendly circumstances). I can tell myself that by avoiding food all day, Iíve maybe lost a pound, which wouldnít be a bad thing. Or I can tell myself that since I havenít eaten all day, I can now pig out without guilt. Either way, I win.

Mmmm...dipping sauces.

17 November 2005

Aiden and Kylie.

As always, it was a deadline that put me in the frame of mind to work through the day and forget about food. The kennel billings had to be done today, so that they can be mailed on time and we can get paid. Thatís important enough to forgo a couple of meals, but I need to find a way to stay that focused every day. Iím going to have to try to be hungry at five oíclock more often.

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Is Christmas With the Kranks the worst holiday movie ever, or is it just me? Maybe I wasnít in the right mood or whatever, but I really hated everything about this movie, from the wooden acting (by Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis) to the drearily unfunny script (by Chris Columbus) to the stoopid, sappy ending (and I usually love sappy endings, but not stoopid ones). Everything about the movie is obnoxious, and not in a good way.

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