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Sunday, November 6, 2005

I wish I could tell you how many great things I accomplished today, but my major triumph was getting out of bed before noon. And I didnít hang myself from the rafters because of despair over the miserable weather. That was good, too.

It would be wrong to celebrate these achievements, however. After all, if Iím going to define myself by what I didnít do, I could also point out that I didnít get hammered on Jose Cuervo and shoot out the lights, or max out my credit card on unnecessary plastic items. What I did do: nothing productive. I rather enjoyed the finishes of the Raiders-Chiefs game and the NASCAR race, but other than that: nothing much.

Naturally, I blame myself. Thatís fairly easy when nobody else kept me awake until four oíclock in the morning. I did it. I started watching a movie at 1:30 am. And I kept listening to the Classic Rock Vault radio station on Rhapsody, song after song, just because whatever song was playing at the time was one I couldnít bring myself to turn off. I therefore was the one to blame for making it necessary for me to lounge lethargically through a rainy Sunday.

16 October 2005

Half-hidden clouds.

Everything I did to put myself in this position was totally unnecessary. My response, the ďdo nothingĒ response, wasnít my only option, just the easiest and therefore the one I chose.

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How much does a poisonous personality count against the talent and productivity of a football player like Terrell Owens? The Eagles are the second team to have had enough of him, despite the fact that he has all the tools to make great plays and win games. Heís in the wrong sport to do that by himself, though, and the Eagles have suspended him indefinitely. Iíd be shocked if he ever plays another game for them, after verbally trashing the team, the organization, and his quarterback. Iíd be equally shocked if there didnít turn out to be another team willing to give him another shot. It wonít be a team with a chance to get to the Super Bowl, though. Owens has forfeited his best opportunity to play for a winner and will now almost certainly have to settle for playing out the season on a team going nowhere. That might suit him, though, since he would definitely be the center of attention, playing for a loser.

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