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Saturday, November 5, 2005

Once upon a time, I lived on another planet. On that world, I had responsibilities that I fulfilled cheerfully and with boundless energy, and I was well rewarded. I also had friends with whose company I enjoyed. More amazingly, they liked spending time with me. I feel almost like the same person I was there, on that other planet, but I really donít have much in common with whoever that was.

Itís been a long time since I visited that planet. Itís been a while since I even thought about it, but it came back to me today, as I reconnected with an old friend from that time of my life. He moved out of the area several years ago, and weíve mostly been just missing each other on line these days. It was good to hear from him. His life has never been better than it is now. (Mine isnít too bad, either, but I have so many happy memories of the old days.)

4 November 2005

Distant storm clouds.

As we chatted for an hour or so this afternoon, I forgot about all the work Iíd planned to get done today. This was maybe one of the best reasons to take Saturday off that Iíve had in a long time. Of course, I always have an excuse, and if I donít I make one up. Today it seemed a quick visit to a favorite old planet was one of the better reasons not to work.

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The Giants say theyíre looking for another starting pitcher (or two), a first baseman, and an extra outfielder this winter. Thatís a lot to ask, but general manager Brian Sabean claims to have a list of 20 free agents that heís considering. Well, Iíve looked at the available free agents, and Iím not very optimistic. I think they already have pitchers (Kevin Correia, Brad Hennessey), first basemen (J.T. Snow, Lance Niekro) and outfielders (Todd Linden, Jason Ellison) who are as good as anyone the Giants are likely to be able to afford and sign. I hope they do come up with two or three impact players; I just donít think itís likely. What worries me is that there are a lot of names on that free agent list that I can see the Giants signing, without significantly improving the team. Iíd hate to see them make a move just to be making a move, because thatís what caused the Dodgersí miserable showing this year.

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