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Monday, November 7, 2005

Is it still just procrastination if you put something off one day at a time forever and ever? I think thereís another word for that phenomenon. I wonder if the Boss will learn not to ask me for reports on the weekend. I donít seem to be getting much work done on the weekend lately, and anything I put off will not get done on Monday, because thatís my new payroll day. And I hold payroll day in the highest regard.

There are some things he asked for last weekend that I didnít get to then, and I didnít get to during the week, and Iím still not going to get to tomorrow. Iím thinking theyíre not all that important, if he hasnít asked for them again. Either that, or he assumes Iíve done what he asked for. Maybe he thinks I already faxed him the report and he lost it. I could probably convince him of that if I had to. And Iím not above trying.

20 October 2005

Swirl of clouds.

Itís a good thing I had payroll to do today, because the darkness and drizzle didnít exactly motivate me to zip through the to-do list. Plus, the phone rang at 5:20 am (wrong number-hangup) and then again just after 8:00 am (Tim should know better by now). Iím pretty sure I dozed off at my desk more than once today, but I can always count on the phone to ring at just the right moment.

Itís like living in the middle of one of those sleep deprivation experiments. On the whole, Iíd rather be part of the control group.

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Governor Schwarzenegger is all over the news today, trying to get his ďreformĒ initiatives passed in tomorrowís California election. The success of his war on teachers, nurses and other public servants depends on how many right wing voters he can mobilize, and how many right thinking voters he can con. The campaigns have been so deceptive that some people are not going to know what theyíre voting for. As always, this is how the governor and his cronies get us to vote against our own best interests. By this time tomorrow, weíll know if theyíve fooled us again.

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