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Thursday, November 3, 2005

I could talk about the rain, but so what. Itís raining tonight. I could talk about work, but Iíve been doing a little too much moaning and groaning on that subject lately. Besides, it was about as good as itís ever going to get today. Anyway, this was Thursday, and I had a chance to visit Tammy and David and their pack of flying monkeys. So letís talk about that.

Letís talk, in fact, about Kylie, who is not quite two months old and is still trying to come to terms with being in the world. Itís not easy when you live in a land of flying monkeys, and probably not any easier when you live in a house with three big brothers. She has a way to go before sheíll be keeping up with them, but sheís obviously adapting, because she let me talk to her for half an hour tonight.

And I swear, she smiled at me. I know, itís hard to believe, especially since thatís the opposite of her usual reaction. But she looked at me and gurgled and cooed and squeaked, so I take that as a good sign that our relationship is moving on to the next level. Whatever the next level is.

She seemed quite content to have me stare at her and talk to her for all that time, while monkey-related activity swirled around behind me. It was hard to take my eyes off her, but for once she didnít want me to. She fell asleep under my watch, which I also take as a good sign. Iíve spent many a happy hour in the company of sleeping children, just watching.

2 November 2005


No, I didnít hold her, but thatís okay. For now. And I didnít pay a lot of attention to the other three, but I did have a conversation with D.J. about school, in which he told me a wild story about how he was good today. I took that with a grain of salt. I read the Cat book with Dakota, or rather he read it to me. He does know C-A-T cat, but he also knows D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R dinosaur and S-H-A-R-K shark, so his universe is expanding.

And Aiden? Aiden is a little windup toy, scurrying after his brothers at lightning speed. He did slow down enough to say ďhiĒ to me three or four times, but heís way too busy to stand in one spot for very long at a time. He was fascinated by the new dining room table, which is high enough that he can walk under it without bending over. And I did share him (and the other three) with Tammyís mom, who is visiting from Southern California for a few days. All in all, it was a good night, despite the rain.

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The baseball trading season has begun, with the Nationals and Padres making a deal today that isnít going to make either team better. The Nationals lose Vinny Castilla, who wasnít going to play third base for them next year anyway, and who at age 38 isnít much of an upgrade over what the Padres already have. And the Nationals get Brian Lawrence, a career sub-.500 pitcher whose main asset is that heís just about average in most statistical categories. Heís not going to hurt a pitching staff, but heís not going to add a lot of value, either. If a pitcher is repeatedly described as ďdependable,Ē thatís a pretty good sign that heís not thought of as an ace. More interesting trades are coming; Iím pretty sure of that.

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