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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

This might say more about me than I should admit, but as soon as I saw the brown envelope in my mailbox this morning, my mood lifted. I know those brown envelopes, with the California State Controllerís name in the return address area. I new exactly how much the check inside was (or should have been) written for. This is the check that the Boss expected by Friday but I didnít think would arrive until next week.

The odd part is that this meant more work for me. And I liked it! I was happy about it! Please, sir, poke me in the eye with that stick again.

Thereís a difference between having a lot of work to do, and having a lot of work that you feel good about doing. Paying the bills, for some odd reason, makes me feel good. I know another drought is coming, but that doesnít keep me from enjoying the sweet summer rain. Thatís what it felt like, spending all that money today.

2 November 2005

Through the bare birch branches.

And I didnít run out of steam in the middle of the afternoon, the way Iíve been doing lately. I was so cheerful when the Boss phoned that he must have thought he had the wrong number, but he was calling to tell me more good news, that one of our other clients had agreed to send us an even bigger check right away. I was in such a good mood by then, I even believed it.

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Before this last baseball season started, the Giants brought in several veteran players that were supposed to improve the teamís chances. Two of those players were signed specifically to improve the defense, and particularly the up-the-middle defense so crucial to winning in the major leagues. The Giants suffered through a miserable failure of a season, but today two of those players were rewarded with Gold Gloves. Omar Vizquel was acknowledged as the best shortstop in the National League, and Mike Matheny won the award for catcher. Both had won previously with their old teams, and I expect both to repeat next year, because they truly are matchless fielders and a joy to watch on the diamond.

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