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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

When I thought about all the things I had to do today, I didnít know where to start. The Boss took care of that problem for me. First thing this morning, he faxed me a request for a cost report. Suddenly, I didnít have to wonder. I didnít have to worry about how to pay bills (or whether to get started on the interim six-month financial report he asked me for in June that I havenít got around to yet).

It was going to be a heavy data-entry day, and that suited me fine. I didnít have to do much thinking, just typing. I did have to get all the digits in the right order, which is sometimes a challenge. It was like this: do the check record, do the cost record summary, do the cost report. I knew it was going to take all day (and I was going to make it take all day even if it didnít). It was the best thing that could have happened, on a day when I had lots to do and no power of concentration, not even enough to decide what to do first.

30 October 2005

Leaping cloud.

It did take all day, but I should have let it take a little longer. I faxed the cost report to the Boss at 5:00 pm, and I got it back at 6:00, with jottings and scratchings and questions that he wanted answered and changes that he wanted made. If Iíd done it an hour later, he might have been gone, and then I wouldnít have had to look at it again tonight. When will I ever learn not to be so diligent and efficient? Doing the work only makes more work, and thatís the last thing I need right now.

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How desperate are the 49ers for a veteran quarterback? Today they signed a reality TV star to fill the role. Jesse Palmer is better known for being The Bachelor than for anything he ever did in the NFL. He hasnít played at all since 2003, and his statistics with the Giants that year arenít all that impressive (which perhaps explains why he hasnít played since 2003). But heíll be given a chance to learn the system and fight for the starting job with Cody Pickett, who as far as I know has never given out roses on television.

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