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Sunday, November 28, 2004

We actually left the lake early in the day and were on the road around ten this morning. The fact that I didnít get home until 4:30 this afternoon is mostly because I made a bit of an extra stop, at Tammy and Davidís house, to see their new dog.

Weíre not completely sure what kind of mix Titus is, but he was saved from a shelter and heís totally kid-friendly. Heís seven months old, making him a month older than Aiden, and kind of big and goofy.

David says that heís probably a Great Dane-Labrador mix, which is a good combination. Theyíve been told that there might be some greyhound in him, but he doesnít seem to have that houndís running spirit. Heís friendly, but he also likes to flop down in the middle of the room or the yard and let the commotion ebb and flow around him.

With three boys already living in that house, a mellow dog (or a puppy who seems to be growing into a mellow dog) is a blessing. He and Aiden are already fascinated with each other.

28 November 2004

Titus and (most of) his new family.

It was a pleasant drive home after a wonderful couple of days at the lake. I got exactly what I needed out of it, rest and a bit of distance. Mom seemed to enjoy it, too. We didnít do any hiking, as the others did, but we tried not to hold anyone back from doing what they wanted to do. Options are a little more limited this time of year anyway.

There were monster whitecaps on the water as we moved the houseboat across the lake yesterday. We did see some brave souls skiing, but the assumption was that youíd have to be a little nutty to put yourself in a position to slam headfirst into a lake whose water temperature is about twenty degrees colder than comfort level. I donít water ski anyway (I did try it once and it didnít work out well), but I donít think I would have been tempted even if I were an avid enthusiast. In fact, Iím sure of it.

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We were amused on the ride home listening to the radio broadcast of the 49er-Dolphin game. There isnít much to say about the match-up of two very bad football teams, except to note the futility of it all. It seemed that every kind of bad play ever seen on the gridiron found its way into this game. Itís almost amazing that one team actually found a way to win (the Dolphins, 24-17). Maybe itís just that the 49ers found more creative ways to lose.

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