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Friday, November 28, 2003

It probably wasn't the best idea for me to go out in the rain today. I've been trying to find ways to get over this cold, but instead I found a way to make it worse. When I got up this morning I thought I felt a little better than yesterday. After I got home from all that running around (and it was only an hour), I felt a whole lot worse, and that feeling stayed with me most of the day.

But even on a bad day I have these islands of lucidity. Usually they start about an hour after I take a dose of anti-cold medication. They don't last very long, so I have to take advantage of them. I just finished eating leftovers from yesterday's family Thanksgiving that I had to miss. That's the most I've eaten in four days, combined.

I'm going to try to stay home (mostly) for the rest of the weekend, just to see if that helps. I'm already tired of being sick. That's why I pretended I was well enough to leave the house today. It turns out I was wrong, but I had to try. I just don't want to do anything to make things worse, because they seem to get worse without any input from me.

29 November 2003

Looking west on a late fall afternoon.

Driving on the rain-slick streets was a challenge, too. I survived, but there was a tense moment in the supermarket parking lot when three cars were coming at me from three different directions. I don't know how those parking lots are designed, but they all seem to have some element of thrill-seeking built into them. There must be a way for cars to get in and out without endangering human life, especially during the winter when people are sick and their reactions are slower.

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