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Friday, November 19, 2004

There are really two factors that have made this week so difficult. First, the stress and tension of my job have contributed mightily to the air of doom thatís been hanging over me. And the second, related to the first, is how badly Iíve handled things — by which I mean, how easily Iíve given in to the stress and tension and let all that affect me physically and emotionally.

This isnít to downplay the very real physical and emotional weakness Iíve been feeling. I can know intellectually that I should be handling things better, and still feel as if Iím about to be crushed by an avalanche. All the vision in the world canít keep you from being hit by that bus if you insist on keeping your eyes closed.

The saving grace is that when itís outside forces that are bringing me down like this, thereís always the chance that things can turn around. And in fact they always do; otherwise I wouldnít be here now, because I would have surrendered to the forces of darkness long ago.

16 November 2004

Clouds and trees.

All this is a pathetically parenthetical way of saying that, with considerable help from my friends, I survived yesterdayís whatever-that-was. The sun came out today, the work got done, questions got answered, and I found a way to breathe. Yesterday I was panting and gasping. Today it was inhale, exhale, and be grateful that such a profound thing is in the end so simple.

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The sports gap left by the NHL lockout was filled nicely tonight in Detroit, where the basketball players did the hockey guys one better by fighting not just with each other but with the fans. Not to excuse anything the fans did to escalate the situation, but what was Ron Artest doing lying on the scorerís table? Waiting for some idiot to throw a plastic cup in his face?

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