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Saturday, November 25, 2000

When I woke up this morning, David was already up, stirring up trouble as only he can, so I knew he was feeling better. We'd thought someone might have to take him home a day early, but apparently all he needed was to sleep for about 48 hours.

Clouds were a little thicker today than yesterday, and fingers of fog hovered over the lake later into the morning. But everyone was sitting around reading, except John, who was tinkering with the boat, as is his way. He took off alone in the ski boat to do some fishing, leaving the rest of us to our books.

Mom, Suzanne and John on the ski boat

It was chilly all day, but the last chance for Mom to have a ride in the ski boat, so we all bundled up (except David, who stayed behind) and John took us for a spin. An icy spin that left my cheeks and nose frozen and brittle.

sunset over Shasta Lake

We were glad to get back to the warmth of the houseboat, and another Uno game. That seems to be the activity that gets the maximum participation. Today is John and Suzanne's anniversary, and we toasted them over tonight's dinner of shrimp and pasta.

same sunset, a few minutes later

John and Eric took off to collect dead branches for the bonfire. David was feeling well enough to beat me at rummy, but we were all ready for an early night. Tomorrow's plan is to get started early and on home in the daylight.

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