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Friday, November 24, 2000

It rained some overnight but the fog burned off early this morning and we saw the sun all day, around and between the clouds. The six of us slept comfortably, except poor David, who found himself under a vent where condensation dripped on him all night. We'll make some other sleeping arrangement tonight.

the view from our cove

For most of the morning we cruised in the houseboat, taking advantage of the wide open spaces on the lake this weekend. The trees on the banks are various shades of green, spattered with patches of reds and oranges this time of year. If you see gray or white, it's probably rock. The water still has a long way to go to reach the bottom of the tree line.

colors in the cove

I went for a ride in the ski boat with John and Eric this afternoon, while David caught up on the sleep he missed. When we got back, Suzanne and Mom had lunch ready. Then John took the chainsaw up on the bank to get tonight's bonfire set up, with Eric's help.

that's John in the fire

David was sick all day, but he was finally able to eat some plain pasta this evening, while the rest of us were rocking the boat with a spirited game of Uno. Then John and Eric walked out to the point to light the bonfire. Suzanne and I joined them after snacking on some leftovers.

the fire at its peak

The fire didn't seem to want to take off at first, but it went through several personality changes before turning into the mighty orange monster it was designed to be. We stayed out there for awhile but had to keep moving around as the shifting breeze kept showering sparks in our direction. It was set up well, though, and neither we nor the rest of the lake were in any danger.

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