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Friday, May 22, 2009

Hereís a look into the mind of a master procrastinator. I had the back half of this week planned since Monday. I was going to get a haircut Thursday, and I was going to get my car into the shop for its regular service on Friday. Needless to say, both of those things will be waiting until next week before they get done. If not longer, since next week will be one day shorter than this one.

When it comes to staying in or going out, Iíll always make the easier choice. I donít need excuses, but I can always find one. Maybe Iím too tired, or the alarm didnít go off (although I never set an alarm, so it never goes off). I could have used both parts of that excuse today, because there was a power outage some time during the night, so I had no idea what time it was. I just stayed in bed until I felt like getting up.

Fortunately, the phone didnít ring to get me up too early. Unfortunately, the phone did ring at 2:30 am, contributing to my profound weariness. The Caller ID said ďTennessee,Ē so I didnít pick up (and Tennessee didnít leave a message).

One problem I have is that I can only run my errands in the morning, because thatís the time people know not to expect me to be at home and at work. Since morning isnít my best time of day, however much I plan to do in the morning, Iím never fully committed. I know how I am.

None of this procrastinating, by the way, has anything to do with the length of my to-do list, or how much work Iíve actually accomplished. Itís all based on whatever mood I find myself in at the time Iíve scheduled myself to do something. Thatís probably not the most efficient way to get things done, but I donít see myself changing at any foreseeable time.

18 May 2009

Needs work.

My plans for the weekend (and Iím pretty committed to them) are to do as little as possible and sleep as much as I can. But the weather looks perfect for working in the yard, not too hot but little chance of rain. And obviously, the yard really needs some attention. Youíll notice Iím not saying itís going to get any from me, but who knows? I could wake up with whatever energy it takes to get me behind the mower. Well, I could. But Iíd probably talk myself out of it.

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Mariners 2, Giants 1, 12 innings. In the last three games in San Diego, the Giants had many chances to score and couldnít cash in. They scored four runs in three games and lost them all. Tonight in Seattle they had few chances, only three hits in twelve innings. To no oneís surprise, they wasted a leadoff home run by Aaron Rowand, a strong start by Randy Johnson, and an incredible, run-saving play at third base by Pablo Sandoval. Thatís all they wasted, because thatís pretty much all they did.

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