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Tuesday, May 22, 2001

My latest PG&E bill, which arrived in the mailbox today, indicates that in the last month I used below the baseline quantities in both gas and electricity. No surcharges for me! There's something to be said for sitting in semi-darkness after all, I guess. And not doing laundry until I have a full load.

Now, if only they gave a discount for using the washing machine at non-peak hours, I might be making money off the power crisis. As it is, this month's bill was a frighteningly low $62.00. That's still about $20.00 higher than I ever paid when I lived in town, but less than half the worst winter month I had here.

And I'm still in the exempt Rotating Outage Block 50, because I am, after all, an essential service.

The billing envelope contained so many inserts that the temptation was to toss them all in the miscellaneous paper recycling bag. But then I would have missed the notice that I can save 20% by reducing my power usage by 20%. Well, I should hope so!

Actually, that isn't fair to PG&E (or Governor Davis, whose name is on the notice). Not only do I save the 20% off the top, but I also get a rebate of 20% of the total bill. In my case, because I moved since last summer, I have to use 20% below the baseline amount in order to qualify for the rebate. Oh, and all this is subject to further review by the Public Utilities Commission.

There's another notice letting me know that PG&E filed for bankruptcy, in order to "reaffirm the viability" of the company. I guess that's up to the judge. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, they're telling me. I suppose I can get behind that sentiment.

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I looked over the fall course schedule for the junior college today. I've been thinking of taking a photography course, but there's nothing offered for beginners in the evenings. So I started from the front of the catalog, and when I got to Agriculture I noticed that they had several gardening classes available.

The ones offered at the times I can attend include Basic Gardening Techniques (probably a good place to start), along with Basic Plant Propagation, Annuals and Perennials, and Ornamental Grasses. I have a month to decide, but in the meantime I have to re-register, because it's been so long since I've taken a class.

And I haven't even read far enough to know what's available in the rest of the alphabet.

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