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Saturday, May 22, 2004

D.J. isn't exactly the most dedicated athlete on his T-ball team. Or maybe he is, come to think of it. I don't see any of them taking the game very seriously. But D.J. did catch a ball in his glove tonight while playing shortstop (which he calls "sweet spot," as in "Can I play sweet spot again this inning?"). It had to be hit directly at him and he had to have his glove at just the right angle, but it stayed in.

We were all so proud, until a few minutes later when we saw him lying flat on his back on the grass between batters. And then in the next inning he tackled two other kids going for the ball. And— well, okay, that's enough. We're still proud, but for a different reason.

Is it wrong to make fun of our children? Not at all, especially if you have one who's in training to be class clown. He's going to be a big hit in kindergarten next fall.

As Tammy was sitting on the sidelines watching the game, I couldn't believe how many people — other mothers, even — asked her, "Are you still pregnant?" Not only is she still pregnant, she's still taking charge and doing her part to make the game go smoothly, whether it's keeping the kids in line or collecting money or straightening out the gear.

Sitting and watching just isn't in her nature, not when she sees that something needs to be done. Maybe that's why the last couple of weeks have been so hard on her. She sees the end of the tunnel, but she doesn't have control of the light switch. Or something like that.

22 May 2004

In T-ball, there are sometimes as many coaches on the field as players.

I knew I'd have to work for a while after the game today. I don't know why I thought it would be easy or fun. I'd told the Boss I couldn't start typing until four o'clock this afternoon. That gave him almost all day to get it right.

So why, after he faxed me the draft to type, could he not even wait until I'd started typing to fax the first revision? If he only knew the names I call him when he pulls stunts like that. I'm not saying I won't type out a second version, but I'd like to finish the first one before moving on. Otherwise I might not know what's been changed.

Not that I'm complaining. Or am I?

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Thanks to Bex, I haven't had to throw out any of that awful soup I made the other day. I was about to, but I'm glad I waited. She suggested reheating it with a can of tomato soup. It was a true salvage job, saving the flavor and the texture. Even the beans were edible (although the broccoli didn't quite make the cut). I also added a little grill seasoning and some Worcestershire sauce (which has saved many a leftover for me in the past). I feel a whole lot better now that I know I won't have to did a hole deep enough to bury all those vegetables.

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