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Saturday, May 21, 2005

It takes a lot to get me up early on Saturday morning, but I did it today for the second week in a row. Not that I woke up with the sunrise or anything as radical as that. In fact, I donít really mean waking up and getting out of bed early, specifically. Itís more about getting out of the house early. Thatís the part thatís hard for me, the part that requires extreme motivation.

Last week it was moving day, and today it was the moving sale. Tammy and David still have a week and a half before they have to vacate their old place, so they took advantage today with a garage sale that got them a little money and got rid of some items they no longer need. For a sale thrown together more or less at the last minute, it was pretty successful. And it was over early, leaving the rest of the day to other things.

I wasnít exactly a big part of the production this time, but I did help wash down some of the walls. They have every intention of getting their cleaning deposit back, even if it means painting. It will definitely mean painting, by the way, in the boysí room. There are marks on those walls that no amount of 409 (and no amount of scrubbing with my arthritic right hand) could erase.

The party broke up early enough that it gave me plenty of time to get home and get some yard work done. I didnít, of course. I didnít so much as pull a single weed, but getting up (and out) early (early-ish) in the morning kind of puts me off things like that. Maybe tomorrow. Only itís going to be hot tomorrow, and Iíd have to get going in the yard early enough to beat the heat.

Right. So much for that plan.

19 May 2005

Cloud smudges.

Donít tell anybody, but my hand is aching tonight more than it has in some time. The pain is never far below the surface, but if Iím careful and donít aggravate it, I can tolerate it without even thinking about it most of the time. Tonight Iím thinking about it a lot. But donít tell, because I did it to myself. Nobody asked me to do anything, so I have only myself to blame. And Iíd do it again for the feeling of contributing.

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The Giants scratched out three first-inning runs tonight, but nobody had the illusion that the scoring would necessarily continue for nine. This time, the pitching staff made it hold up for a 3-2 win over the Aís. Itís fitting that pitching would be the difference on the day the team honored its greatest pitcher, Juan Marichal, with a statue just outside the ballpark. In fact, the Giants might just have a closer after all, even though Armando Benitez is probably gone for the season. Tyler Walker was brought in early, in the eighth inning, but he got the last five outs for his fifth save. Heís been lights-out lately, and letís hope the team gives him more chances to save games. Because a closer is pretty much worthless on a team that doesnít win.

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