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Friday, May 20, 2005

Could November finally be over? Itís been November again since last weekend, but spring made a surprise reappearance today. The sky, she is blue. Sunlight keeps falling on my head. Itís not exactly summer, but itís a whole lot better than it has been.

Iím not even going to grouse about the wind that whipped through the canyon this afternoon. I wasnít out in it anyway, except to walk out to the mailbox. And on that little trek, the latent puddles under the eucalyptus trees were more of a nuisance than a few leaves blowing around.

If this weather holds, Iíll lose my excuse for neglecting the yard. I had some momentum there, for a few weeks. I was using the weed trimmer during the week and the mower on the weekends. Then it started raining every weekend and I lost what little enthusiasm I had for that kind of labor. Now I need something to get me out of my chair in the afternoons, when Iíd rather be reading.

If I thought I could sell it, that would be my excuse for a lot of my slothful ways. The fact that Iím such a slow reader is the real reason I donít do housework. I could be swabbing out the tub scum or (eck!) dusting the cabinets, if only I didnít have those last hundred pages I wanted to read. And lately Iíve expanded my negligence to the yard. Itís convenient to believe that reading a Maeve Binchy novel is a higher calling than chopping weeds or doing laundry.

That reminds me. I need to do a load of laundry. As soon as I finish this, if I remember by then.

20 May 2005

I made Rachael's chicken cacciatore with rigatoni tonight. I'm not a very neat cook.

If I donít get around to working outside tomorrow, itíll probably be for a good reason. Letís see. What could it be? Maybe that Tammy and David are having a garage sale at the old house, trying to unload the last few things they donít want to move. Iím sure Iíll be ďneededĒ there when I could be doing some mowing. If only.

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Iím no fan of the designated hitter, and tonightís game between the Giants and Aís illustrated my case. With the bases loaded and no outs in the second, the Aís pitcher, Joe Blanton, who hadnít batted in seven years, killed a rally when he grounded weakly into a double play. The Giantsí pitcher, Kirk Rueter, showed some bat control (and some moxie) with a bunt single leading off the third that jazzed up the SBC Park crowd. Not that these nuances had any bearing on the Giantsí 8-4 loss, although itís worth noting (again) that the game didnít get out of hand until the bullpen got hold of the ball. Rueter left in the seventh with the score 3-3, and by the time the inning ended five runs had scored. Youíd think theyíd learn. It happens over and over.

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