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Sunday, May 1, 2005

What? Did I say I wanted the sun to shine today? Did I spend most of yesterday wishing and hoping that it wouldnít rain, so that I could get out in the yard and do some mowing this afternoon? (After the race and the ballgame, of course.)

Yes, I did want those things, and for once I got them. Now that the day is over, it seems like a lot of energy used up hoping for something that gave me no more than twenty minutes of time in the yard. Thatís how long I lasted before I couldnít feel my hands or catch my breath or stand up any more.

Sure, Iím out of shape, and proud of it. Okay, maybe not ďproud,Ē in the sense of being proud. I am what I am, and as much as I might like to be something different, it doesnít do me a whole lot of good to think that way. Wishing and hoping wonít do it, and Iím way too lazy to work at it.

But not too lazy to wear myself out with twenty minutes of mowing. Is there a contradiction there? Maybe itís not so much laziness as time allocation. It would take up so much of my valuable time exercising to get in shape, and then (being in shape and all) Iíd have to spend more time working in the yard. Thatís the very definition of a vicious irony. (Is there such a thing as a vicious irony, or did I make that up?)

I have other ways I like to use my time. Iíd rather read or watch TV. Heck, Iíd rather sleep, if I could.

28 April 2005

One cloud, trying hard.

Anyway, it was warmer today than yesterday, thanks to the unexpected sunshine I wished so hard for, and that contributed to my quick exit from the mowing arena. Besides, the grass in the area where I worked today was much higher than any I mowed through yesterday, some of it over my head. (If I scrunched a little.) So there are all kinds of reasons I cashed in early. But I still got a workout that was intense enough to leave me sweating and panting. That has to be worth something.

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Even though they still donít have their best player, and even though they had to send one of their starting pitchers to the minor leagues to work out his issues with the strike zone, the Giants are looking a whole lot better than they were a week ago. A five-game winning streak will do that. And so will an emergency start by a young pitcher brought up to the majors for this one game. Brad Hennessey lasted seven innings and gave up three runs in the 8-3 win over the Pirates. It was just what the team needed. They still have a better record than the Yankees, but thereís nothing special about that any more. So do 23 other teams.

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