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Saturday, May 1, 2004

Creatively speaking, it's not a great leap forward, because it's happened before. But I do keep coming up with new and (sometimes) different reasons for not sleeping. Last night it wasn't the usual, wanting to clear one more show off my TiVo hard drive before it was automatically deleted. And it wasn't any of the old standbys, indigestion or sneezing fits or funny noises in the attic. (The house's attic, not my own.)

What I've come to think of as my bursitis flared up again. I haven't been diagnosed, and it's really just a pinching twinge in my left shoulder whenever I move in a particular way. When it's bad, though, it keeps me awake. Last night it was bad enough that I couldn't sleep on my stomach, which meant that I couldn't sleep at all for long periods.

There's just no comfortable arm arrangement in the prone position without planting my face directly into the pillow. I value breathing too much to go that route. I did sleep for shorter periods on my back, but I didn't find it very restful. And when I got out of bed this morning my arm was feeling worse.

Compensating wasn't difficult, as long as I didn't try to raise my arm above my head. I had no need to do that except when I was in the shower washing my hair. Lucky for me I got a haircut this week. It was also a little dicey putting my shirt on, but I winced and clenched my teeth and got through that ordeal.

That was the start of a pretty bad day, which unfortunately I inflicted on everyone around me. I apologize to all those in the line of fire. For most of the afternoon I stayed away from other people, for their sake more than mine. It started to feel better late in the day, too. We'll see how things go tonight, but I'm ever hopeful that I'll be able to stretch out in any direction and at any angle I feel necessary for a restful night's sleep.

1 May 2004

D.J. makes contact as David looks on.

So obviously I did do one thing right today. I got up in time for D.J.'s T-ball game at ten this morning. It was all downhill from there. (For me. I'm sure it was fine for everyone else.)

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If Jack McKeon, the 114-year-old manager of the Marlins, had knocked on my door this afternoon, I wouldn't have shaken his hand. I feel safe in saying that, because it's really pretty unlikely that he would drop by, since he doesn't know me. And if he did know me he'd know enough to stay away or face shunning, after he ordered Barry Bonds walked intentionally four straight times today (including twice with the bases empty). This might be good strategy, but it's not good for baseball. It makes me want to strangle old men. The Giants got their revenge, though. They won the game, 6-3, and Bonds scored the winning run following one of those walks. So maybe it's not such good strategy after all.

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