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Friday, June 19, 2009

Well, hereís a fine howdy-do. At 6:00 tonight, I go on line, and the first thing I do (after checking email and Twitter) is head to the phone company web site to register my complaint in a language they understand. Or is that wrong? Maybe they understand phone calls better, being the phone company and all, but I express myself better in text boxes on support sites, so thatís where I went.

After keying in all the personal information I thought they needed to have, I came to the page where you tell them exactly what your problem is, in 150 characters or less. Hey! Iíve been thinking in paragraphs even shorter than that for a couple of weeks now, so I know how to condense my thoughts while still saying everything thatís on my mind. Sometimes my mind does the condensing on its own. There just isnít that much there to begin with.

Hereís what I typed into the phone companyís text box:

DSL & fax share a line. DSL no longer works when fax is plugged into the line. New splitter (same model) no help. All worked until a few weeks ago.

And hereís what happened next:


I clicked ďContinueĒ and was taken to a page that apologized for the fact that the phone companyís online repair pages were temporarily off line. They gave me a long list of phone numbers to call, but Iíd spent the whole day rejoicing that I didnít have to make a phone call at all in order to register my complaint. Shifting gears at that point in time? Wasnít going to happen.

Sure, Iíll try again. Later. Maybe over the weekend, maybe Monday night. Sooner or later everything will be resolved. Meanwhile, itís convenient to blame the phone company for every little thing that goes wrong.

2 June 2009

Jigsaw clouds.

This was the first day this week that the Boss didnít have me doing something for him on line after hours. Thatís because he had me do it first thing this morning instead. He even gave up the ability to fax me endless notes for about twenty minutes while I checked something out for him. I didnít get a chance to do anything else, so it wasnít like the old days. Nice, though, for a change.

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Giants 6, Rangers 4. Even though Pablo Sandoval made an error tonight, the Giants are a better team when heís at third base. He made several outstanding plays at crucial times. Fred Lewis made a great catch in left field and hit the home run that put the Giants ahead, after theyíd lost the lead. It was an all-around team effort that featured three home runs and some great pitching out of the bullpen. All of this was missing in the recently completed (and soon to be forgotten) three-game sweep by the Angels. In fact, if you donít count the Angels, the Giants are 5-2 in interleague play. (So Iím not counting the Angels, although Iím happy to say they beat the Dodgers tonight.)

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