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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I donít want to make too much out of this, but the heartburn that woke me up in the middle of the night felt as it my stomach had shot me in the throat with exploding hot pepper sauce. It was by far the most unpleasant thing that has ever awakened me in the middle of the night, including the time the invisible mosquito attacked me every time I turned out the lights, but seemed to vaporize when I turned them back on. It was even worse than the time I—

Oh, wait. That was worse, but this was definitely second. Top five, at least.

This doesnít happen to me. I have kind of a weak stomach, and I do get heartburn from time to time, but not often, and not like this. Iím pretty careful about what I eat, especially these days when Iím working out and trying to stay fit and healthy. Iím not so careful about when I eat, though, and I think I didnít get around to dinner until about 10:00 last night. That was probably a mistake. It was probably a mistake I wonít make again.

So I spent most of today not eating anything much at all. I had very little appetite, and tonight I didnít want anything dodgier than a grilled cheese sandwich (hold the jalapeŮos). And I was done by 8:00 pm. And I feel a whole lot better about things, but letís see what happens during the night, and how things work out in the morning. Iím not exactly brimming with confidence, after going through one round of torture already.

14 June 2008

Oak leaves.

I also didnít get to the grocery store today as planned. Queasy as I was, it didnít seem like the right time to be trolling the aisles for ingredients. I can just imagine the bland soup I would have made out of anything I felt like buying today. It wouldnít have had sausage or beans in it, and so what would have been the point?

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