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Saturday, June 28, 2008

My new cell phone was free, because I was being added to an existing plan. I only have to pay the minimum amount per month. Or rather, I would have had to pay the minimum, if I hadnít gone crazy and signed up for a bunch of special services, like video and web access and ring tones. Never had a cell phone before, right? Now I have one that plays The A Team theme when you call me. I love it when a plan comes together.

Iím through buying stuff for my phone. I spent all last night and most of today playing with it, because I love new toys and I canít leave things alone. I always tend to go for the outer limits of whatís available, once I jump on the bandwagon. Iím the last person on the planet to make that jump, with a few holdout exceptions, but now Iím all in. I donít expect to get or receive many phone calls, but itís nice to know I can play Weezerís ďPork and BeansĒ video any time, anywhere. I have to squint to see it, but itís there in my hand.

If you have any suggestions of other things I can do with my phone, Iím willing to listen. (Donít say what youíre thinking right now, though.) If the sun ever comes back out, maybe Iíll take a picture of the old oak tree for my wallpaper. I guess I can text a few extra votes for Chelsie and Mark on next weekís So You Think You Can Dance, since I bought the package that includes unlimited texting. All I wanted was for my family to feel safe when Iím driving out in the sticks, and now look at what itís all come down to.

This adventure didnít start out too well. To add me to the family plan, John had to wait for 45 minutes at Wal-Mart yesterday to sign a piece of paper which they then gave back to him. I had a ridiculous time trying to set up voice mail without calling the provider, because none of their prompts seemed to work. I ended up calling them and letting them do it for me, but for awhile I thought Iíd messed up the whole plan for everybody, with all the fiddling I did on line. As it happened, I didnít do any damage after all, which was quite a relief.

26 June 2008

The cemetery.

Last night when I drove over to John and Suzanneís to pick up my new phone, Aiden and Kylie were there. They were full of questions about it (starting with ďUncle Mike, why are you here?Ē). The phone is gray and black, so Aiden asked why I got one that was the same color as a zebra. I told him I liked zebras. He wanted to know why I needed a phone, and what my new phone number would be, so I told him. ďImpressive,Ē he said, and went on with what he was doing.

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