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Thursday, June 26, 2008

It looks as if you have to go completely out of California to get away from the smoke. Mom, Suzanne and I were planning to head north today, to the cemetery in Hopland, but thatís where most of the smoke is coming from, and we werenít going to be allowed into that area, even if weíd been foolish enough to try it. But we werenít, so we headed south instead, and had lunch in Sausalito. There was still smoke in the air down there, but it wasnít as thick as it is here, so it was kind of a relief.

And it was a good day to be together, away from the stresses of everyday life. All three of us have had a difficult week (or more), for different reasons, but we enjoy each otherís company. Weíve known each other for well over half a century, after all, and we donít have to pretend or hold back our feelings or say things we donít really mean. All that would be silly, because we know who we are and we accept each other. It feels a little like breathing fresh air, smoke or no smoke.

On the way back from Sausalito, we stopped and tried to get me a cell phone. I have a readymade spot on the family plan, but until now I havenít had the phone to go with it. And, thanks to a colossal mix-up at the store, where apparently there arenít quite enough clues to go around, all I have is a plan, and a phone reserved for me.

There are still steps that need to be taken, but at some point it will all come together. Anyway, Iíve done without a cell phone for nine and a half months short of sixty years, so I can do without one for a while longer. (But please, donít let the Boss know Iím getting one. I donít need to have him able to reach me any more often than he already can.)

23 June 2008

Mourning Dove.

We made a stop at the cemetery, the one here in town where my dad is buried. Tomorrow would have been my parentsí sixtieth wedding anniversary (and if youíre doing any math in your head, shame on you). Flowers were laid, and photos were taken, although I left my camera in the back of Suzanneís car, photos will not be displayed here for as long as it takes for me to retrieve it.

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